How does Groww keep bugs out of investment

Test End-to-End Design of Your Apps With Actual User Journeys

HyperTest monitors actual user traffic of your application 24×7 and uses real world scenarios to build end-to-end tests. These tests are then executed on a stable and a test version of the application to report regressions that no other tool can ever catch.

83% of all current web and mobile traffic flows through APIs, making them the single biggest source for vulnerability of future apps.

APIs Expose Critical Business Logic

More than 80% of all application errors arise from APIs, and devs and QAs struggle to test them completely because it extremely hard to think of all breaking user-flows in any app and write assertions for every critical application logic

How Does HyperTest Work  

Our Unique Regression Approach Makes It
Impossible To Miss Bugs

Autogenerates Tests From Network Traffic

HyperTest uses real world scenarios to automatically build tests without asking teams to manually write or maintain a single line of test code

Builds Dynamic

Auto-generated tests are run on stable version of the application to generate assertions dynamically, without asking teams explicitly anything about their business logic

Compares Test App to Deployed Version

Dynamic assertions generated from stable version then applied to test version, and all deviations (minus false positives) reports as breaking changes

Provides Coverage Across Your App

HyperTest reports the depth of testing via API coverage reports that helps teams cover every critical flow in their automation

Why Traditional Approaches Miss More Errors Than They Catch

When Devs or QAs write their own tests, they often miss covering a user-flow or writing an assertion that might break the app. Result, rollbacks, patches or hotfixes are common and teams are never sure where the next big breaking error might come from

Maintenance Effort On Test Suite Exceeds Core Application in No Time

HyperTest makes the effort of maintenance completely zero, saving valuable developer hours. Gives dev a simple way to reporduce errors from the user journey that builds context and speeds remediation


Hypertest has been helpful in testing major API refactoring where we were unsure of the impact of the change. Hypertest gave us differences in a single shot and our testing effort reduced from few days to a few minutes.

Ashish Jain , Director - QA

Why use HyperTest vs Building an
API Automation Tool Yourself

Zero Test or Test Data

HyperTest uses real world scenarios to automatically build tests without askingteams to write or maintain a single line of test code

Guarantees Bug-Free Release Every Time, Without Fail

Because of its unique regression approach, it will become impossible for devs to introduce a breaking change in the application without first reported back by HyperTest

It Is Impossible to Manually Build a Test Suite That Can Guarantee Zero Bugs Per Release, No Rollbacks or Hotfixes or Patches in Production

HyperTest Features Brief

Features Overview

Only HyperTest, with its unique approach to API regression, can discover every API error for developers before release. The platform monitors your entire application traffic, builds integration tests and exposes API failures and incidents. Check out the features that make us stand out.

Use a Solution That Ensures Zero Bugs Per Release From Day 1