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We encrypt your data so that your own team can’t access it. The utility sits on your private environment and can’t communicate to anything outside as we have no servers of our own!

HyperTest provides several kinds of insights. Its auto-tagging service tags users through device, browser, OS etc that helps identify the blast radius of your failures. HyperTest also sets apart real failures from false positives i.e. expected changes letting teams focus on solving only real issues

New tests are triggered automatically every time a new commit is merged to your staging branch. All that you have to do is expose the URL of your repositories of master branch (proxy for production app) and dev or staging branch.

HyperTest creates a copy of your production app and undeployed new version inside a docker container on your test or staging environment. Tests are executed when a new commit is merged onto your staging triggered either manually or via your CI/CD pipeline

Sensitive information about your users like login, password etc can be redacted to hide it even from your own team. This in no way compromises the quality of the tests we run!

HyperTest can be integrated with any CI/CD tool like JIRA, TravisCI, CircleCI, Git etc to automatically generate tests every time new code is pushed or moved between branches

Tests can be saved and can be configured to run before all newly generated tests.

HyperTest provides a simple way to identify which type of your users would be most affected by potential failures. HyperTest generated tests can be tagged uniquely to such user types like Gold, Platinum, Silver etc and teams can prioritise debugging easily with such tagged tests

Complete parity between prod and staging is not needed. Even if you clone production databases to staging once every 2-3 months you will get tests of sufficiently strong quality

HyperTest introduces zero latency on your app. Our traffic mirroring service sits on your reverse proxy or load balancer, not between it and your users

Start a new hypertest instance. All the previous records(tests) will be retained.

Start a new hypertest instance. All the previous records(tests) will be retained.

Hypertest [option]. You can check available options by viewing help, i.e. hypertest –help

No. However, your configuration files will be deleted so you’ll have to start a new hypertest instance(all the previous tests/requests will be included automatically)

© 2021 Lugg Cargo Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


© 2021 Lugg Cargo Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.