The CTO’s Guide to Building an Autonomous API Testing Suite

A comprehensive whitepaper on how you can build your own API automation suite to test and secure APIs against breaking changes. 

83% of all web and mobile traffic travels through API calls. 

In the age of API-first applications, if your APIs are not protected against failures or breakages your apps are neither.

HyperTest is a no-code test automation tool that regresses all your APIs by auto-generating integration tests using your network traffic without asking teams to write a single line of code, also giving a way to reproduce these failures inside actual user-journeys. It makes it impossible for devs to introduce an error in the application without it being first reported by us.

What makes HyperTest awesome? 

  1. Reports logical failures at the time of development
  2. Reproduces bugs inside unique user journeys
  3. Requires zero maintenance!

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