Best API Testing Tools in 2022

Before we dive straight into the comparison between the best API testing tools, let’s start with what is an API & API Testing. Simply put, the way two or more computer programmes communicate with each other is called Application Programming Interface i.e. API. In context, the term ‘Application’ means any software with a distinct function, […]

HyperTest Middleware Ecosystem

APIs carry the majority of any application’s functional and business logic, and the pace at which they undergo changes and additions, it becomes an avoidable task to test and protect them against failures and vulnerabilities. HyperTest uses network traffic to automatically generate tests cases that also update themselves eliminating the need to write any tests […]

How to Catch Every Logical Bug Closest to Development?


Software bugs are an inevitable part of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). No code is perfectly crafted from the get-go. Building a good software product calls for comprehensive testing and optimizations for bugs, anomalies, and errors to be identified, recorded, and resolved. To make the detection and prioritization of these bugs more efficient, the […]

What it Means To Test In an API-First World

Quite against the popular notion, it is seen that APIs failure is the reason behind 90 percent of all failures in today’s applications. The truth is that APIs can crash and even if they do not, they perform inadequately sporadically, causing the app either to hang to sometimes crash completely. To understand this problem, we […]

Is API Testing An Integral Investment for Developers Today?

In today’s fast-paced world, the growing advancements in technology are the key contributing factors leading to the increasing demand for efficient software to keep up with changing cloud dynamics. Software efficiency is measured in terms of functionality, performance, features, etc., and as of 2020, more than 61% of the developers invested in APIs in the […]

The Most Powerful Regression Technique And Why It Works

With APIs carrying the majority of the functional and business logic for applications, teams use a variety of open source and in-house tools for testing APIs but struggle to catch every possible error. There is a way to catch every error, every critical regression in your APIs without writing a single line of code. Why […]

Is Your API-Automation Suite Really Stable?

APIs expose 90% of the modern apps to users. API traffic is exploding across web and mobile with the proliferation of microservices. While developers tend to test only the functionalities they are working on, testers are in charge of testing both individual functionalities and a series or chain of functionalities, discovering how they work together […]

Why We Lose Our Users, Spend a Fortune But Fail To Win Them Back


In this blog, we will cover how Teams alienate existing users when they choose to test their apps on intuition and not driven by data. #WHATWEMISS #DEVAGAINSTQA Every Product Team is forced to work in a system that clashes dev and QA incentives. Devs are incentivized to ship code as fast as possible, with concerns […]