HyperTest is an on-premise utility that helps businesses ship software faster and with better quality. It automatically tests for all failures and bugs in their applications much before releases. Engineering teams struggle with writing & maintaining their own tests or use a team of manual testers. With HyperTest they can now instead focus only on building software (faster), automating the entire QA process. 

We believe as the complexity of the application grows, HyperTest’s simple technique to test app services in aggregate minimises the effort from developers to catch errors and fix them.

We are a 12 months old and seed funded ($250,000) from marquee VC firms like Axilor Capital, Touchstone and distinguished angel investors. The founding team has spent 12+ years between them building and scaling products for OYORooms to India’s largest restaurant SaaS company and are alumni of IIT Bombay & Georgia Tech with degrees in CS and Data Science.

HyperTest is currently used by 30+ sector – leading product companies in 5 countries.

© 2021 Lugg Cargo Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


© 2021 Lugg Cargo Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.