The CTO's guide to building an Autonomous API testing suite

Never Worry About
API Failures Again

Automatically generate, update and maintain end to end tests for your APIs using real network traffic.

Only HyperTest, With Its Unique Approach to API Regression,
Can Discover Every API Error for Developers Before Release

HyperTest by Design Guarantees You Never Miss Errors

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QA engineers save 25 hrs/week with HyperTest

100+ teams, half of them from 100 large Unicorns
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The kind of application errors that will happen because of API failures - Solution Brief


The kind of application errors that will happen because of API failures

Top Use Cases with HyperTest

Discover All Your

Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all your APIs known and unknown

Prevent Fatal and Non-fatal Errors

Catch API regressions that can cause crashes, data errors or schema failures

Accelerate Root Cause Analysis

Reproduce errors using real user journeys and resolve before they hit production

Quantify Testing With Coverage

Discover parts of your application covered and not covered with automation

Prevent Sensitive Data Exposure

Track APIs that expose PII, passwords or other critical data

APIs Performance

Baseline API responses and track deviation

Prevent Account

Catch broken user authentication, authorisation to prevent account takeover

Test and Secure Every Commit

Use CI to auto-trigger tests to check regression and security flaws for every PR


Financial Service

Online lending companies disburse personal and business loans using credit scores to complex rating schemes. Logical errors can mess up with the KYC logic making lending apps approve loans to ineligible borrowers. We catch these logical errors pre-release


Ecommerce apps run special discounts around sales but inadequately tested apps can leak data errors where users can avail more than the approved discount. We can catch these data errors pre-release

Stockbroking Apps

Marketwatch time-series data can get manipulated leading to change in stock data but no changes in winners or losers misleading investment decisions for users. We have caught and reported such manipulations for several trading apps

Food Delivery Apps

Missing data or key fields in API responses can make food apps miss showing new offers or coupons to some or all customers. HyperTest detects this missing data in the new version of the app and avoids these errors

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